Top 3 Reasons To Charter A Private Jet

Posted on: 6 May 2015

Are you a business owner or an executive who is looking to impress a client? Are the two of you on opposite sides of the country and need to meet face to face? Here are some reasons why you should consider chartering a private jet for the conference meeting:

Convenience: Although you may not be aware of it, there could be many smaller private airports nearby that are significantly closer to you than the nearest major airport. These small airports aren't large enough to have a commercial airliner land, but are just right for a private jet. Instead of having to travel for an hour or more to reach a major airport, you may only need to travel for a few minutes to get to the nearest private airport. Instead of having to pick from a list of pre-selected commercial airline departure times, a chartered private jet will be set to take off exactly when you choose. You may also find that because a private airport is smaller and less crowded, it may also be much easier to find suitable parking when you arrive at the airport.

Speed: A commercial airport has to process hundreds or even thousands of people every hour, resulting in long lines and lengthy wait times. In contrast, a private airport handles a much smaller number of people each day. In addition, security at a small airport is less stringent which will allow you to go through any pre-flight processing much faster. As a result, hiring a private jet at a small airport means that you can arrive much closer to your departure time and still make it to your plane on time. 

Comfort: Even if you usually travel first class, you can still be annoyed or inconvenienced by other passengers. If another first class passenger has a cold or other airborne illness, they could pass their germs to you over the course of a several hour flight. Instead of being at your best while meeting with your client, you could end up battling a sickness you caught during the flight. If there is a fussy baby on board, you may be able to hear it no matter where you are in the plane. In contrast, a private jet will be completely empty of other passengers, unless you bring someone else along. Nobody will be accidentally bumping or kicking your seat while you're trying to work or take a nap in-flight.