• 3 Tips To Save Money When Renting A Limo For Prom

    If you are looking for a way to make your prom as special as possible, renting a limo for the night can be a great option. However, if you're on a tight budget, you might be worried that you cannot afford it. Luckily, following these tips can help you save money when renting a limo for prom. 1. Book the Smallest Limo Possible for Your Group Limos come in different sizes, and you might be tempted to rent the biggest and flashiest limo that you can. [Read More]

  • The Newbie's Guide To Ground Transportation At Los Angeles International Airport

    Los Angeles is the second-most populated metropolitan area in the United States, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to find that the airport serving the area -- Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) -- is huge. In fact, LAX is the third-busiest airport in the world. Because of the airport's size, it's common for first-time travelers to LAX to worry about getting lost. However, there is no need to worry. The airport is well organized, and there are several ground transportation options available to get you to your destination. [Read More]

  • How To Map Out A Safe Bicycling Route For Local Transportation

    In some neighborhoods, it's easy to mistakenly assume that the area is not well suited for road cycling. Traffic congestion on primary roads creates a false impression that the entire vicinity is equally busy. The reality in most areas is that cyclists can selectively utilize secondary roads to safely travel several miles or more. Motorists almost always choose the most efficient route to reach their destinations. By avoiding the busiest roads, cyclists are able to use the alternate routes for commuting or recreation. [Read More]

  • Looking For An Exotic Vacation? Try Yachting And Love The Benefits

    If you're looking to float around the Caribbean for your vacation and you don't want to spend your time at a resort, you should consider private yacht charters. There are a lot of advantages to vacationing this way, and it could cost you the same price you would waste on a resort anyways. There are many different yacht charters you can look at to compare prices and destinations. Consider the following advantages when you charter a boat for a private vacation. [Read More]

  • Helpful Packing Tips For Your Upcoming Relocation

    Packing an entire household worth of stuff is one of the greatest challenges of moving. It can be difficult, labor-intensive, unpleasant work. These tips will help lessen the burden and make packing a more manageable task. Avoid Using Large Boxes Large boxes can get really heavy really fast—even when they're holding lightweight items like blankets and items of clothing. Using large boxes can lead to back injuries and can make your moving experience unpleasant. [Read More]

  • Easy Ways To Handle Shipping When You're Moving A Long Distance

    If you have a bunch of packages coming in during the most awkward time of your moving process, it can be difficult to figure out how to get the packages safely, especially if you're moving a long distance. Fortunately, there's a combination of things you can do to get your car and your incoming packages all in a secure location together. The Problem with Shipping While Moving You won't always have keys to your new house right away, especially if it's a distance from your current house. [Read More]

  • Need Wedding Transportation? Try A Vintage Car!

    Planning a wedding means ensuring that every last detail is perfect, or at least nearly perfect. You'll make decisions on the venue, the dress, the food and everything else that goes into creating your perfect day. Another decision you need to make is how you and the wedding party will travel between the wedding venue and the reception if they are in different places. One hot trend is to rent a vintage car and here are the benefits of doing so. [Read More]

  • Exploring Your Options On How To Get To The Airport

    If you are getting ready to board a plane, one of the first things you have to figure out is exactly how you will get to the airport. This question is not as easy as it appears, and involves many different variables, and the answer will vary depending on the transportation available in your location. Here are a few factors which must be considered as you determine your answer. Food For Thought [Read More]

  • Four Tips For Preparing For Your Party Bus Night Out

    If you are planning on renting a party bus, you might have visions in your head of fun times and a wild night. Before you get going on the party part of your night, be sure that you run a few important questions by your party bus event planner. Knowing what to expect and what limitations there might be will ensure that there are no surprises with your transportation the night of. [Read More]