3 Things That Must Happen To Get an Overweight Permit

Posted on: 21 July 2023

All roads have a weight limit. It doesn't matter if it's the interstate or a small two-lane road, there is a limit to the weight of vehicles that can travel on that road. The weight limit is there so that the road isn't damaged and the roadbed remains in good shape. This limit may change periodically for a temporary amount of time, depending on several variables. However, there are times when overweight loads must travel by road, which means the transport company has to have an overweight permit to carry that load on any particular road. Each state has its own permit and permitting process. The transport company must have a permit for every state that the load goes through, even if it is only a few miles cutting across the corner of the state. While the states each have their permitting process, they have several similarities. 

All Limits

Even overweight permits have limits on what can be transported. The transport company needs to check those limits to ensure that their load fits within these limits or if the load needs to be broken up somehow. Additionally, each state will have limits, but they should be relatively similar. The limits can include the hours the load can be on the roads and the days they are allowed to travel on the road. 

All Municipalities

In most places, getting an overweight permit from the state is just the starting point. The transport company will also have to contact each municipality that the load will travel through. The state permit won't override the municipality's road limits. A city or town may have temporarily changed the weight limit on a road, and the state may not be aware of that. For example, if there has been flooding, the road may have been undermined, and all traffic is limited because it isn't safe. 

All Authorities

The transport company will also have to talk with every agency with authority over the road. In any given state, that can be their bureau or department of motor vehicles, the state authority for the interstates or turnpikes, departments of transportation, or the various police agencies. This must be done before the load even goes into that state. Speaking with multiple agencies can take a lot of time, so the transport company needs to start planning their route several days or weeks in advance. 

Overweight loads are necessary for the operations of many companies. Some loads have to be transported by road when they are too heavy to go any other way. That's where overweight permits become necessary. 

For more information, contact a transportation company that offers overweight permits.