The Benefits Of Flatbed Trucking

Posted on: 12 May 2015

So you want to move a large shipment from point A to point B, but perhaps you don't want to use a traditional shipping trailer. Maybe your shipment is irregularly shaped and wouldn't fit inside a normal semi-trailer. You might want to save some money and don't need to protect your shipment from the elements. In these cases, you should consider the benefits of hiring a flatbed truck to move your goods.

What is a flatbed truck exactly?

In the realm of highway shipping, there are two main types of trucks: semi-trailers and flatbeds. Regular semi-trailers are your traditional heavy lifters that consist of a tractor attached to a large containment unit. This unit might be refrigerated or have other unique conditions in order to preserve and protect the shipment contained therein.

Flatbeds, on the other hand, are a specific category of trucks which have an exposed surface to which the shipment is fastened. They can be either rigid or articulated, which means that the unit can have either a single straight form, or can bend at several points of articulation, such as the connection between the cabin and the flatbed.

Why would one use a flatbed truck?

There are several key advantages that flatbeds offer over enclosed containers.

Firstly, flatbeds offer a great deal more freedom in the sizes and shapes of objects you can ship. While enclosed containers impose obvious restrictions on the height and width of shipments, flatbed trucks are much more flexible. As long as you can safely secure your shipment, a flatbed truck will support almost any size shipment. 

Secondly, flatbeds allow for much easier access to the shipment. In order to get to the goods inside of a regular semi-trailer, then you need to open up the container, climb into the container via the single entrance, and find what you are looking for with a limited amount of light. Flatbeds allow you to access your shipment from any angle, to easily remove materials, and to easily check the status of your goods.

Finally, flatbeds are ideal for shipments that don't require protection from the elements. For instance, if your shipment could be damaged by the rain, you definitely want to use a closed container. On the other hand, if you are moving some heavy machinery, then flatbed shipping would be sufficient for your purposes. Additionally, you'll have to consider whether your shipment is vulnerable to very hot climates, very cold climates, or even high winds.