Exploring Your Options On How To Get To The Airport

Posted on: 26 May 2015

If you are getting ready to board a plane, one of the first things you have to figure out is exactly how you will get to the airport. This question is not as easy as it appears, and involves many different variables, and the answer will vary depending on the transportation available in your location. Here are a few factors which must be considered as you determine your answer.

Food For Thought

Your transportation options will be determined by the answers to one or more of the following:

How many people are you traveling with? Traveling alone in a major city is very different than trying to travel with your entire family from a rural location. If you are alone, you may choose to simply hail a cab and be dropped off on the curb at your terminal, but that is not always an option if you are traveling with a group larger than five or six, Although many transportation companies offer specials to the airport, it can get really pricey if you are coming from a rural location.

How much luggage will your group have? While you may be able to pile your group of five or six into a single vehicle, if each of you have one to two pieces of luggage, this may not simply fit into the trunk or your car. You will need some type of vehicle that will be able to store that amount of luggage, as well as transport your group. 

Are you traveling with really young children, or senior citizens who may have additional equipment, or be mobility challenged? Both young children who may require a car seat, as well as a stroller, and a senior citizen who may require a wheelchair, walker, electric scooter, or other form of mobility support, can present challenges which must be overcome. 

Do you want transportation that will drop you directly on the curb, or are you willing to walk to your destination? If you are willing to walk, how far are you comfortable doing so? Public transportation to the airport is available in most major cities. This is often the most economical way to travel, but sometimes it will not deposit you on the curb outside of your terminal. Research where public transportation will drop you off, and then determine if you are willing to walk that far. 

Is price a concern, or is convenience worth any price? If money is no concern, or you are willing to pay whatever transportation will cost, you will have many more options (such as Naples Limousine) than if you are trying to travel economically. 

What time of day will you be traveling? Keep in mind that not all transportation runs at all times. If you are traveling before day, or very late at night, you may want to ensure that you book some form of private transportation to guarantee that it will be available when you need it.

Once you consider the answers to these questions, you will be more prepared to choose your transportation options.