Easy Ways To Handle Shipping When You're Moving A Long Distance

Posted on: 29 May 2015

If you have a bunch of packages coming in during the most awkward time of your moving process, it can be difficult to figure out how to get the packages safely, especially if you're moving a long distance. Fortunately, there's a combination of things you can do to get your car and your incoming packages all in a secure location together.

The Problem with Shipping While Moving

You won't always have keys to your new house right away, especially if it's a distance from your current house. And anyway, you may not be around when the package arrives if the delivery date is a bit vague which it often is.

And, if you ship it to your old place, then what happens if part of the shipment date is after you're planning to move? If what you're getting in the mail is important enough, you may prefer to not wait on shipping if possible. But, there is a way past this problem.

New Shipping Service

There's a new service coming out soon from some companies that will actually let shipping companies deliver things directly to your car. You do have to allow a GPS device in your car, and you also have to have a car that can be opened remotely. The service then makes it so that the delivery people bring the package to wherever your car is when it comes in.

This is done by giving the delivery person a one-time code that can open part of your car, such as the trunk for example. After they track your car based on the GPS device in it, they will pull up, open your car and place the package inside, and then shut the car, lock it, and drive off. The code to open your car will only work for a short amount of time to offset security concerns.

Auto Transportation

If you set up your car for the new shipping service ahead of time, you can then have your car itself shipped by using an auto transportation service, like Mercury auto transport. They will take your car and drive it to the new destination for you while you're still taking care of other matters, such as with the moving company.

This way, no matter when the package comes in, the driver will be able to find the car and put your package directly into it. You won't need to be around to sign for it or let them in. This is a more safe and surefire method for receiving your package while moving.