Helpful Packing Tips For Your Upcoming Relocation

Posted on: 3 June 2015

Packing an entire household worth of stuff is one of the greatest challenges of moving. It can be difficult, labor-intensive, unpleasant work. These tips will help lessen the burden and make packing a more manageable task.

Avoid Using Large Boxes

Large boxes can get really heavy really fast—even when they're holding lightweight items like blankets and items of clothing. Using large boxes can lead to back injuries and can make your moving experience unpleasant. Whenever possible, use medium or small boxes to pack your items. Use large boxes only when necessary.

Keep Packing Tape and Supplies in A Brightly Colored Box

Once your rooms start to fill with boxes, you'll find it's very easy to lose your rolls of tape, markers, scissors and other packing supplies. To ensure you always have what you need in order to get the packing done, keep extra rolls of tape on hand at all times. Designate a brightly colored box or bucket to hold all your packing supplies. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it, so even if you leave a couple pairs or scissors or rolls of packing tape laying around, you'll always be able to find the spares.

Use Colored Dots to Label Boxes

Label each box with a colored dot that corresponds to the room where the box should be delivered. For example, label all kitchen boxes with a blue dot, and all living room boxes with a red dot. Don't forget to make a key that will help you remember which color corresponds to which room.

Doing this will prevent you from writing the words "kitchen" and "living room" over and over again on each box. To further help you save time, pre-print mailing labels that say "fragile" and "open first" in big, bold letters, to be used on boxes when appropriate.

Buy Boxes in Bulk

A lot of people try to save money by picking up their boxes from grocery stores and home improvement centers, but these boxes may not always be clean, and trying to track down free boxes can take a lot of extra time. You can save money on boxes by purchasing them in bulk from you household moving services provider. Buying your boxes from a reputable moving company will ensure that all your boxes are clean and strong.

Even following all these tips, you may decide that packing is too difficult for you to handle alone. If this happens, speak with your household moving service provider, like RB Logistics, about their packing services. Your moving company can pack all your items quickly and efficiently, making your moving experience much easier and less stressful.