How To Make Your Party Bus Look Like A Party On Wheels

Posted on: 24 July 2016

If you are considering renting a party bus for your next special occasion, you want something that actually looks like fun to ride, right? Well, most party bus owners may be willing to accommodate these requests for a more fun-looking ride. Here are a few things that might be allowed so that you can transform your party bus to a party on wheels!

Streamers, and Lots of Them

You can tape streamers to the outside of the bus as well as in. So long as the streamers do not block the driver's ability to see while driving or prevent him or her from seeing the traffic all around, you can go crazy with the streamers. Be aware, however, of the fact that your streamers need to be very secure. If they let go or are falling off the party bus as it rolls down the road, you may all pay steep fines for littering. Whenever possible, use a good amount of tape to secure the streamers to the outside of the bus to prevent littering, and do your best to secure the streamers on the inside of the bus too so there is not a massive mess to clean up when your party/event is finished.


Helium balloons on the bus? Yes, please! If you want to fill the entire ceiling of the party bus with helium-filled balloons, you can. Again, make sure they do not block the rear view of the bus for the driver and you can decorate with as many balloons as you like. Also, be sure that your driver does not have a latex allergy if you use a lot of latex balloons. Otherwise, mylar balloons are the safest bet, and are often more decorative than the latex ones.

Disco Ball in the Ceiling

Maybe you have seen this feature somewhere? A disco ball with lots of colorful lights projected onto it from two sides creates a wild, crazy fun look on the party bus as it rolls down the street. If you cannot find a party bus rental company that already has disco balls and party lights installed on the ceilings of its buses, then maybe you can ask another party bus rental group if they would be willing to allow this decoration on one of their buses. If they will not do a full install, there are also floor models of these items that can still make the bus look really cool.