Renting A Party Bus For Your Bachelor Party? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Planning one last get together with the guys the night before your wedding is one tradition you will want to make as memorable as possible, which is why so much planning should go into all the small details of a bachelor party. One key component of your bachelor party is easily transportation. While you have many options, from just driving yourselves to where you plan to go to taking a limo, one of the best is easily hiring a party bus.

A party bus makes it easy to keep the celebration going even while being transported, so that means every minute of the occasion is used wisely. Here are a few things you will want to know if you are considering a party bus for your bachelor party. 

How many guests can a party bus accommodate?

This will ultimately depend on the bus rental company you go with. However, you can count on the fact that you can find a party bus capable of carrying pretty much your whole crew. Most party buses offer seating for between 10 and 60 guests, depending on the size of the bus. 

What is the inside of the bus like?

The inside of a party bus is decked out to make events as comfortable and entertaining as possible. While every party bus company will have different settings and amenities on board their fleet of buses, you can usually count on finding things like:

  • party lighting, such as running lights or a disco ball
  • dance areas, including dancer poles upon request
  • mini bar with fridge to keep drinks chilled
  • comfortable seating
  • television
  • high-quality sound systems 
  • fog machines
  • PA systems that you can control

Additionally, some buses house separate rooms for private entertainment areas and even on-board restroom facilities much like you would find in an RV or motor home. 

What costs are associated with party bus rental?

In most cases, party bus rental companies will charge you a flat per-hour fee for use. However, some services will charge you a certain price according to the amount of mileage you plan to travel as well. So if you plan a trip that involves a lengthy travel distance to a destination, you may be required to pay more because of the extra fuel used. In some cases, extra amenities can be provided for an extra fee as well, such as live deejay services, an open service bar, and adult entertainment, if these services are provided by the particular company you choose.