Demolishing A Guesthouse & Fixing The Landscape

Posted on: 11 October 2019

Did you purchase a house at a discount due to there being an inhabitable guesthouse in the backyard? Unless you intend on renovating the guesthouse and making it a space that can actually be used, it is wise to get rid of it to have more yard space. If you have already attempted demolishing the structure on your own but made little progress, it is because you need professional assistance with such a project. There are commercial tools and heavy equipment that can be used to take the structure down in no time. If you want some guidance on transforming the unused guesthouse area into appealing yard space, read the tips that are in the remainder of this article.

Get in Touch with a Demolition Company

Contact a demolition company to explain the type of project you are trying to take on. You might be asked questions about the size of the structure that is being demolished, as well as whether or not the foundation is being removed as well. Based on the information provided, you will be quoted a price in regards to what the project will cost to complete. It is also possible that someone from the company will visit your house to assess the extent of work in person. You can then set a date for the work to be completed, which will also depend on when the company can fit you into their schedule.

Contact a Dump Truck Company for Hauling

After demolition of the guesthouse and foundation has been performed, you will be left with debris to get rid of. Rather than trying to lift debris that can possibly be heavy and placing it in a garbage bin, you can leave the job to a dump truck company. Basically, someone can visit your home to place all of the debris into the back of a dump truck on your behalf. After the task is complete, he or she will haul the debris to a dumpsite, such as a landfill. You can ask for a quote in advance to find out what the dump truck company will charge for your specific needs.

Hire a Landscaper to Bring Some Appeal to the Yard

You will likely be left with a large patch of dirt in the yard after all of the debris has been hauled away. If you want to bring some appeal to the area in a timely manner, contact a landscaper for assistance. He or she can fill the dirt area with pre-grown grass. Decorative rocks is another option for filling in the space.