Plan A Social Outing For Elderly Community Members

Posted on: 10 December 2019

If you want to give back to the community and intend to focus predominantly on local seniors who have limited access to social functions, reserving a charter bus and planning a trip that the participants will enjoy can be very rewarding for all who are involved. 

Choose A Venue That Will Accommodate The People Attending

You will not be aware of anyone's limitations prior to the signup process. If you want to be truly welcoming to anyone, regardless of their mobility capabilities or medical conditions, the event and venue that you select will be very important. Most elderly people have slowed down considerably throughout the course of their lives. Individuals may not be in the best physical shape and will probably not be willing to walk for long durations.

Avoid choosing an outdoor event that involves a lot of footwork. Select an activity that will allow the attendees to sit and relax for the majority of the outing. Some activities to consider are watching a live theatrical performance, attending a sporting event that is held in an arena with air conditioning, or participating in a cultural food presentation and tasting event. 

Make It Known If There Will Be Additional Stops

Before you prepare the signup sheet for the charter bus trip, find out how many people will fit on the charter bus that you will be reserving and decide if you are going to be requesting multiple buses to transport everyone. During the signup process, let each person know that they will be responsible for bringing along any medication or mobility aids that they may need throughout the day.

If there are going to be multiple stops while en route to the final destination, inform everyone. This will allow everyone to know what they can expect during the outing. If there are going to be ample opportunities to purchase food, both on the way to and from the entertainment venue, people won't be required to pack a lunch or dinner to bring along with them.

If stops are going to be limited, request that each attendee bring along a lunch or a snack. This will eliminate any complaints from the bus riders and will ensure that everyone's needs are met. Every stop that you propose will need to be mentioned to the charter bus trip coordinator so that the assigned driver will be aware of how often they will be stopping.