5 Common Helicopter-Related Questions Answered

Posted on: 30 April 2020

Do you have an interest in riding in a helicopter and still have some questions about the experience? Check out the answers to some common questions that people ask before riding.

What Type of Weather Is Best for Riding in a Helicopter?

It is a good idea to ride a helicopter on a day when the sun is shining, it is not too windy, and the skies are clear. It is the reason why many people choose to ride in a helicopter during the summer season. The weather in the summer is often warm, and the concerns of snow, rain, and heavy winds are greatly reduced. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot ride in a helicopter during any of the other seasons. You should avoid riding in a helicopter when there are ongoing thunderstorms and when it is pouring or incredibly windy.

Can More Than Two People Ride Together in the Helicopter?

More than two people can ride together in a helicopter, but it is going to depend on the specific make and model of that helicopter. Some smaller helicopters only have enough space for the pilot and two other people who will sit in the back. Other types of helicopters offer plenty of extra space for additional people. There are luxury helicopters that celebrities and other wealthy people often ride around in that have more space and can hold more weight than the average helicopter.

How Long Does the Average Helicopter Ride Last?

It all depends on your reason for riding in the helicopter. If you are taking a tour of a specific area while riding in a helicopter, the ride may last for as little as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. When booking a helicopter tour, you may be able to choose the package that you would like based on how long you would like to spend inside the helicopter. If you are riding in a helicopter for transportation purposes, the length of the ride may be a bit longer. It will depend on how long it takes the pilot to get you to your desired destination. Some people use helicopters for easy, traffic-free transportation because then they can get to where they want to go a lot faster.

Do You Need to Wear Anything Important While Riding?

You do not necessarily need to wear anything important while you are riding in a helicopter. Some pilots have strict dress code rules for passengers in their helicopters. For example, they may expect passengers to wear closed-toe shoes before getting into the helicopter. What this means is that you should wear sneakers or boots instead of sandals or slides. Because helicopters have weight limits, you should avoid bringing heavy bags full of items that would increase the amount of weight on the helicopter. Instead of bringing a purse or backpack, consider putting your essentials in a fanny pack that you can wear, such as your keys, phone, and any money you are carrying around with you.

Are Cameras and Pictures Allowed?

While you can bring a camera on the helicopter and take as many pictures as you would like, many people prefer to simply enjoy the experience. Pilots usually do not allow doors to remain open while in the air, and that means you would need to take your photos through the window of the helicopter. You can still end up with some great shots, though.

Now that you have the answers to common helicopter-related questions, you may feel like you are ready to ride in a helicopter with an experienced pilot. Whether you are riding in one for transportation purposes or to take a tour of a certain area, you can have a great experience.

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