Measurements to Check When You Shop for a Mobility Van

Posted on: 3 November 2020

It's a good idea to buy a mobility van when you have a family member who uses a wheelchair to get around. When you own this type of vehicle, it will be easy to transport your loved one in comfort wherever they need to go. You should shop for a mobility van at a dealer that specializes in these vehicles. By doing so, you'll be able to assess many different vans to determine which one best suits your needs. There are several factors that you need to think about, including taking note of the following measurements to ensure that the van is suitable for your family member.

1. Headroom

Different mobility vans provide various amounts of headroom. There's no universally "right" measurement to look for here—rather, you need to evaluate the height of your family member when they're in a wheelchair. Certain factors influence how much headroom a person needs. Some wheelchairs are higher than others, while the height of the individual who is using the chair is also important to consider. You want to buy a mobility van that offers an adequate amount of headroom so that your family member doesn't bang their head or constantly feel the need to duck.

2. Ramp Length

Another measurement that you should assess is the length of the ramp that provides access to the van. While some mobility vans have lifts instead of ramps, ramps are common in several models. A longer ramp will be less steep, which is ideal for your family member (and you, if you're assisting) to travel up the ramp and into the van with ease. At the same time, a long ramp will require more open space either beside or behind the van. As such, you'll need to think about where you plan to park the van and assess the amount of clear space that will be around it. If your driveway is short or narrow, you may need to choose a van with a shorter ramp.

3. Interior Square Footage

When an individual in a wheelchair sits in the back of a mobility van, they need to be able to turn around with ease so that they can get out of the van when it reaches its destination. If the van's interior is small and the wheelchair is large, turning around may be a challenge. Don't be afraid to take some measurements at home while your loved one turns 360 degrees, and then keep these numbers in mind when you assess various vans for sale. The one that offers the most square footage in the back is often the best choice. 

For more information, contact companies that have mobility vans for sale.