Storage And Distribution Solutions For Small Businesses

Posted on: 5 April 2022

If you operate a small business that makes parts, products, or items sold or distributed to clients and customers, adding warehouse services for your items can become essential as the business grows. Often storage and shipping can be done in-house when you first start, but the day may come when you need some assistance with this part of the process.

Warehouse Storage

When your business has gotten to the point that you no longer have the space to store your product, you may need to consider warehousing services that will give you some space in their existing warehouses for your product. You will need to send the product to them, and then they will put the products on a shelf and store them until you sell them to customers. 

One benefit to using a service like this is that it is often scalable so that as your business continues to grow, you can add more space to your storage allotment. In some cases, warehouse services offer several different warehouse locations around the country, so storing your products in several other places can help reduce shipping costs and time when you are fulfilling an order out of a specific warehouse location.

Flexibility in warehouse locations, space available, and cost can all positively impact your growing business, so working with a solid warehouse provider is often a stepping stone in growth that you can't afford to miss. 

Direct Distribution

Warehouse services often offer additional services like direct distribution of your products from their warehouse to your customer. Direct distribution can make order fulfillment fast and easy for you as a manufacturer, and the warehousing services you are working with may have more resources to ensure fast shipping at lower prices. 

That speed and flexibility mean that your customers see the product sooner in many cases, especially if you are using a warehousing service that offers multiple locations. Moving the products around the country is also often more straightforward because many of these services have products coming and going on trucks all the time., If you need to move a partial truckload of product from east to west, the service may be able to find you a truck going to the area you need the product to go to and organize the movement of the items for you. 

Cost Of Warehousing

More warehousing services offer competitive pricing, but the amount you pay is often directly related to the amount of space you need in the warehouse and what additional services you are using. If the warehouse is fulfilling orders and shipping them, there will be a higher cost than if you are storing inventory that will later be picked up and moved to another location like a distributor or retailer. 

Talk with the warehousing services provider you are considering about your specific needs, and they can work out the cost of the services for you.